As Health Risks of Sitting Become More Apparent, Many Seek Better Answers

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As Health Risks of Sitting Become More Apparent, Many Seek Better Answers

If there is one thing for certain in the fight against flab and obesity related diseases, it is that too much sitting is absolutely to be avoided. Human beings were never meant to sit for hours every day, with the body having evolved to be active in hunting, gathering, and other vigorous activities. Over the course of millennia, though, people have become more prone to sitting down. While it might seem unavoidable that modern work and its requirements would entail markedly different patterns of activity than were the norm for our ancestors, the reality is that there are ways of overcoming these problems.

If sitting too much is to be avoided, then looking for ways to work standing and outright physical activity into the work day must be a good idea. The current popularity of the standing desk shows just how rewarding it can be to do so, with many people reporting immediate and transformative results from making use of this relatively simple measure. Forcing the muscles to remain active as they balance and sustain the body throughout the work day, the standing desk has become an important tool for a great many people.

It is also possible to go further, however. As this video shows, the standing desk can be supplemented in some highly productive ways, with most of them being fairly obvious and practical. Simply adding a high quality treadmill to such an arrangement, for example, can make it easy for anyone to burn many more calories per day, walking miles while also remaining engaged and productive with work.

Most people do report that some adjustments need to be made, and it can take some time to become comfortable with walking while working. The benefits are so obvious and substantial, though, that just about anyone who explores this possibility comes away impressed and committed to making the switch.

Merely adding a treadmill to a standing desk can greatly ease the way toward achieving overall fitness goals, without detracting from any other priority in the process. Even if it can seem like modern life means that sitting must often be the norm, then, the reality is often something else entirely.